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How Gamification is Changing the CRM Game

Businesses and technologies go through changes, and customers’ preferences are changing too. Today, winning the customer is all about enhancing the customer experience. The most[...]
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M-CRM: definition, issues and features

In the age of hyper connectivity, the use of mobile Internet has become more widespread and has made its way into the professional sphere. Therefore,[...]
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360° Customer view for an unforgettable experience

New technologies, communication channel diversification, ever-evolving consumer expectations… All these parameters impact UX, the much-feted customer experience, and call for new Customer Relationship strategies. How,[...]
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CRM project: the 10 mistakes to avoid

When implemented efficiently, a CRM solution provides an undeniable competitive advantage for a company. It enables the company to streamline its work processes and ensures[...]
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What To Know Before Buying a CRM Software

Before buying a CRM, take budget, long-term research and demonstration of the tool into account A C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Management) is the software that will[...]
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The CRM, your best ally for your sales

Efficy CRM, with its 360° view, opportunities module and reports, is the sales-oriented tool your salesforce needs With a CRM, your salesforce will benefit from[...]
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