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CRM for Small Business: What Advantages Does It Offer to You?

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In Spain, the majority of the business fabric is made up of the self-employed and small businesses.  

The numbers in this respect are overwhelming: of 2,886,759 companies registered in January 2019, 2,882,059 were small businesses.  

In other words, 99.8% of companies are small businesses.  

In fact, companies with 9 employees or less are more than 2.5 million and make up more than 85% of the Spanish business fabric. 

CRM for SMB's

However, the largest companies still account for most of the income and profits generated due to some advantages such as economies of scale or greater concentration of negotiating power.  

Given this panorama, the only possible strategy for small businesses to face larger companies on an equal footing is to also take advantage of them.

What are the advantages of CRM for small business?

The two main advantages of CRM for small business over large companies are their greater manoeuvrability and being able to offer much more personal treatment to their customers.

Greater manoeuvrability.

While large companies have to overcome hierarchical levels, analysis and meetings to make decisions, smaller companies are much more flexible and can make decisions faster.  

They can also change these decisions on the fly.  

So while in a large company the process of implementing a CRM can take weeks or even months, in a smaller company the implementation of a CRM for small business can be managed in days.

Treat your customers more personally.

For a large company, it is impossible to know your customers beyond statistics, insight and generalisations.  

On the other hand, a small company can get to know each and every one of its customers and provide them with a much more personalised treatment.  

And with a CRM for small business, the level of personalisation of the treatment and the ease of providing it, simply shoots up.  

That is precisely why, in order to take advantage of its greatest benefits, all small businesses should have CRM software.

What advantages do you get with a CRM for small business?

CRMs are customer management software that allow you to centralise all data and interactions with customers, as well as other relevant day-to-day data. This offers 4 major advantages to its users:

  • Unified company and customer data.
  • More tailored commercial actions.
  • Better customer service.
  • Ease of measurement and reporting.

Unified data of the company and the clients.

Having all the information about your customers, your salespeople, your processes and your day-to-day life centralised in one tool makes your life much easier.  

It makes it easier for internal communication to flow, tasks to be solved and nothing to be left in the air. It also allows all members of the company to have a 360-degree view of customers.  

So work goes better, communication with customers is more fluid and day-to-day management is improved.

More tailored commercial actions.

By having all your customer information available you can make fully customized marketing and sales campaigns.  

Instead of offering all your customers the same thing, do it based on their needs and characteristics.  

It goes without saying that this type of personalised campaigns obtain much better results than generic ones.

Better customer service.

One of the great advantages of using a CRM for small business is that communication with customers also flows.  

It doesn't matter if several people talk to the same customer or if that customer asks for different things from different people. With a CRM for small business, everything is centralised.  

So when you pick up the phone to talk to someone at a glance, you know exactly who it is, what the status of their order is and whether they have any additional problems.  

And you know all that without ever having spoken to them before.  

This results in happier and more loyal customers. And that means more sales.

Easy to measure and report.

It is common for small and medium-sized enterprises to have great difficulty in measuring what is being done and what actions are being more successful than others.  

With a CRM for small business, you can forget about that.  

With just a few clicks you can see how each salesperson is doing on a daily basis and how the team as a whole is working.  

In addition, when you want to make a more in-depth analysis, you can prepare and download much more detailed reports from one moment to the next.

The best CRM for small business is efficy!

If you want to start enjoying these advantages in your business, efficy's CRM solutions are your best option.  

The best proof of this is the more than 13,500 clients in more than 60 countries who already sell more thanks to our tool.  

If you also want to start selling more, request a demo. Of course, it's free. 


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