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September is back, and with it comes the opportunity to implement some good practices. To help you face up to this new season, we thought we could share with you the five good resolutions in Customer Relationship Management. Get ready to think database, task sharing, KPIs, omnichannel customer experience and mobile CRM! The goal: to improve the satisfaction of your customers.

1.    Nurture your database

Your customer database is the key to the success of your Customer Relationship strategy. Make sure it is enriched, nurtured and protected. Put yourself in the shoes of one of your contacts and ask yourself what you would like to receive. To enrich your pool of contacts, why not offer Internet users to download content from your website (white papers, client cases or expert customer testimonials)? To nurture your database, carry out marketing campaigns (mass emails, direct mail, SMS campaigns, telemarketing, etc.). Actually, this time of the year might be the perfect time to approach your prospects, right? And lastly, protect the confidentiality of your customers’ data, and observe current regulations, in particular the GDPR. Your database is the lifeblood of your business, therefore, be sure to rely on a good CRM software.

2. Ensure optimal division of tasks for your customer service

In order to reassure your customers about the skill and efficiency of your teams, you need to make sure that the right agent handles the right request. To simplify the distribution of incoming flows, centralize it in a decision engine that will assign requests to the right person. You will improve efficiency and response time, and last but not least, you will also improve customer loyalty.

3.    Implement relevant KPIs

This has probably been at the top of your to do list for months, but you have not taken the time to do it. And yet, measuring your Customer Relationship is vital. Therefore, take a step back and identify the indicators you need to follow: net promoter score, customer effort score, first contact resolution rate, average turnaround time, etc. Go for those that best match your particular challenges. And most importantly, keep in mind that the more KPIs you have, the less likely you are to want to analyze them as regularly as you should!

4.    Offer an omnichannel experience

It is important to break down the barriers of the silo mentality and venture into the world of multichannel communication. In order to achieve synergies and offer seamless customer relationship, you need to give customers the opportunity to switch seamlessly from one channel to another. Some of your customers even take the time to leave online reviews of their experience with your brand. The least you can do is answer them, whether their comments are positive or negative. Your answers give you credibility and benefit your e-reputation.

5.    Increase your performance with a Mobile CRM

Mobile CRM is the ultimate tool for your sales force in the field. It enables them to quickly access the information they need, in real time and in a few clicks. As a result, they are much more reactive and efficient, which customers and prospects greatly appreciate. Mobile CRM is, without a doubt, an essential lever of sales efficiency. Check out our blog article on the challenges of mobile CRM.

Why is it important to make good resolutions for your Customer Relationship?

With these five good resolutions, you have no more excuses for not redesigning your customer relationship management strategy. This is the first step on the road to success: more satisfied customers, more satisfied employees, increased revenue, increased margins, etc. Jackpot! We’ve given you the keys, it’s in your hands now!

PS: of course, these good resolutions do not apply only in September and work at any time of the year. ?

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CRM project KPI Mobility Omnichannel
Customer Relationship: 5 back-to-school resolutions
Customer Relationship: 5 back-to-school resolutions