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efficy vs Ines CRM: Which is the Best for Your Business?

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Today we will compare two CRMs, efficy vs Ines CRM, so you can discover their similarities and differences and make the best decision. Go for it!

efficy vs Ines CRM

A CRM is the ideal tool for the follow-up and the optimal relationship with your customers so it is important that when starting your CRM project you take into account the characteristics and the objectives you are looking for.

If you are starting a new business or you already have one, you need to partner with a tool that will help you manage all your company's data.

That said, let's get to know a bit about each solution:

ines crm vs efficy

Created in 1999 in Lyon, France. It is a tool designed for different departments (sales, marketing, customer service, etc.) giving companies a 360° view of their customer relationships. It has been acquired by efficy in 2020. 

inescrm vs efficy

Founded in 2005 in Belgium and is a software provider that offers medium and large companies a complete, flexible and extended CRM solution that helps companies manage their relationship with their customers.


Some similarities between efficy and Ines CRM

  • Mobility. Both softwares are compatible via a mobile App.
  • Document management and storage
  • Task management
  • Email marketing automation

How is Ines CRM different from efficy?

  1. API: All efficy solutions have unlimited API functionality, which is used to integrate a large number of applications so that they can communicate with each other. Ines CRM does not have this functionality.
  2. Reports: efficy CRM has a special module for the creation of detailed and customisable reports, in the case of Ines CRM this functionality is not available.
  3. Agenda: Ines CRM does not have calendar management functionality. efficy CRM, on the other hand, allows the management and updating of tasks and own and third party calendars for better communication within the team.
  4. Commercial opportunities: efficy CRM has a specific module for the management and monitoring of all sales opportunities in the business, unlike Ines CRM, which does not have this function integrated into the software.
ines vs efficy

Learn more about how Ines CRM was acquired by efficy to become the most important solution in the European market.

Now it's your turn!

Choosing the right CRM is important to have a positive impact not only on your negotiations, but also on your company's work productivity.

If everything we have shown you now convinces you, ask for a demo now!

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