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efficy vs Perfect View: Which Solution Is the Best?

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We share with you the comparison between two tools, efficy and Perfect View. 2 powerfull CRMs, let's check them out: 

Informed decisions are the best, that is why when implementing a CRM software in your company it is advisable that you make a previous study of the different options that exist. 

Being clear about the objectives you want to achieve with CRM is crucial for success. 

This time we share with you the comparison between two tools, efficy CRM and Perfect View.


efficy vs Perfect View

perfectview vs efficy

PerfectView has been developing CRM software since 1984 and distinguishes itself by a prominent presence on the Dutch market with an extensive portfolio of CRM solutions and services. 

inescrm vs efficy

Created in 2005 in Belgium and is a software provider that offers medium and large companies a complete, flexible and extended CRM solution that helps companies manage their relationship with customers. 


What are the differences between Perfect View and efficy?

Here we tell you about them:

  1. API: efficy solutions have unlimited API. Perfect View does not offer this feature to its users.
  2. Marketing Automation. Contrary to Perfect View, efficy has a marketing tool and several email marketing integrations.
  3. Mobility. Perfect View does not have mobile access.
  4. Calendar and reminders. efficy CRM has calendar and reminders functionality so that all users of the platform are synchronized. Perfect View lacks this type of functionality.

Similarities between both CRMs:


  • Task management
  • Document storage
  • Segmentation
  • Contact management
Perfectview vs Efficy

Did you know that Perfect View is a CRM acquired by efficy, in order to be the most important solution in the European market? 

Find out here how Perfect View got into the bathyscaphe and very soon you will know how this CRM (plus the others that has been acquired), will be part of the unique solution. 

We know that there are many CRM tools on the market that offer functionalities adaptable to your type of business and the needs of your employees. 

Now that you know the difference and did you like what you read, try efficy now!

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