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efficy vs Zendesk: How to Choose the Best for Your Business

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Today we will talk about 2 very popular CRMs: efficy vs Zendesk. Let's learn a bit more about each solution. 

Knowing which features are the most important in a CRM software is not an easy task. 

There are many types of CRM that are chosen according to customer needs, such as operational CRM, analytical CRM and collaborative CRM. 

That's why choosing the right CRM software can be tricky, that's why we've created a comparison between our solution (efficy) and Zendesks to give you a hand in the process. Let's get to it!


efficy vs Zendesk

Solution created in 2007 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a multichannel customer service platform with support and sales solutions. 

Founded in 2005 in Belgium, efficy is a software provider that offers medium and large companies a complete, flexible and extended CRM solution that helps companies manage their customer relationships. 

As we emphasised earlier, choosing the right CRM helps you achieve contact management as well as data management and reporting shared with the various CRM users. 

These are designed with the different requirements of the target audience in mind. Therefore, it is obvious that not just any solution will suit your company's needs. 

When starting your CRM project, it is important to compare software features before making a final decision.

That said, how is efficy different from Zendesk?

Let's take a closer look at this comparison chart:

pipedrive vs efficy
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Calendar view and activity management
  • Gmail/Outlook Integration

Subtotal: 20€/month


  • Complete sales management
  • Phone Support
  • Document Management
  • API
  • Microsoft Office 365 Integration
  • KPI management

Total: 20€/month


zendesk vs efficy crm
  • Mobile App
  • Ulimited Contacts
  • Calendar view and activity management
  • Gmail/Outlook Integration (Marketplace free add-ons)

Subtotal: 19€/month


  • Complete sales management (From: 99€ up to 2 pipelines)
  • Phone Support (From: 49€)
  • Document Management (From: 19€/month Up to 2GB per user)
  • API ( From: 49€/month)

Total package: 68€/month

If we analyse, efficy CRM offers you a lot more options than Zendesk. For example: 

Total sales management: efficy CRM has sales, KPIs and document management in all its plans without the need for extra payment. On the other hand, Zendesk offers total sales management from €99/month and document management with plans from €19/month. 

Customer support: Zendesk offers phone support on plans starting at €49/month. efficy now has a customer support line and live chats on all plans. 

Microsoft Office 365: efficy CRM offers this integration, but in the case of Zendesk it is not available. 

API: All efficy solutions have unlimited API functionality, which is used to integrate a large number of applications so that they can communicate with each other. In the case of Zendesk software, this option is limited in its plans.

Now some advantages between both solutions:


  • Mobility: Both tools have a mobile app. efficy App and Zendesk App
  • Unlimited contacts in both solutions
  • Collaboration, tasks and shared agendas
  • Gmail/Outlook integration


How much does each CRM cost?

Now if we talk about prices, efficy is the most cost-effective of the two. For only 20€ per month (annual plan) you can get all the features of the comparison chart and more. 

With Zendesk you would have to pay 68€ per month (more if you want additional modules, of course)

Now it's your turn!

Now that you know the variety of each one and if what we have shown you convinces you, ask for a demo now!

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