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Efficy xCRM is a solution that is open to digital evolutions and that perfectly fits your specific needs

In a rapidly changing world, the extended CRM platform (x-CRM) of Efficy is able to meet the most specific needs of your organisation. It centralises the data from any external source or system through a unique and integrated user interface.

1. Open data model

The platform uses a repository that centralises all customer information. It also features real-time sharing of documents and project information. The entities of the platform are linked together without any limit. The result of this “m to m” (“many to many”) relationship is a fluid circulation of information about sales, customers and projects not only throughout the entire company, but also externally (customers, partners, shareholders) thanks to the portal function. You can easily add specific entities to your organisation to expand it and integrate new features and sources of data to the platform.

Better yet, Efficy is entirely customizable. Its unique, “zero-maintenance” architecture with total version control differentiates standard tables from customized ones. This makes the evolution and customization of the platform easier, thereby protecting your investment and reducing the total cost of software ownership.

2. Open deployment model

Efficy is available on site (‘on-premise’) or on the cloud:

– Cloud hosting allows for agile processing, deployment and development by relying on the hosting infrastructure of Efficy, which guarantees the security of your data. You also benefit from the last version of the CRM software.

– On site installation allows you to choose when you want to implement the new versions of the software.

These two models can even be combined! Last but not least, several types of complementary user profiles can be combined and given limited rights; either as simultaneous (or “concurrent”), nomad (or “disconnected/mobile mode”) or read-only licenses, or by accessing the software from the outside through a portal. The result is a greater flexibility of the tool, that adapts more easily to the constraints of your investment.

3. Open to mobility

Efficy offers a fully responsive design: this makes it possible to extend the application to different channels (among which tablets and smartphones) as easily as you would push on a button. Efficy automatically detects which device is being used to access the platform and adapts to the size of the screen.

Moreover, a “mobile” version is available to offline users. The system automatically synchronizes data as soon as mobile devices are connected to the network. Using the latest and fastest innovation technologies, Efficy is also available in places where the internet connection is particularly slow.

4. Fully open to customizations

Efficy offers a rich set of features that cover the main business processes of marketing and sales but also finance, project management and customer service. Another key particularity of Efficy is its powerful and integrated document management system.

Efficy is also an open solution that relies on standards. You can connect to third party applications such as ERP, HRM, business intelligence, DMS or CMS systems or administration programs. The traditional office software applications such as MS-Office™ and Lotus Notes™ are also very easy to implement and parameter with Efficy CRM.

5. Open to the world

The fact that Efficy supports a number of different languages allows for an international utilization of the Efficy x-CRM platform. Fields were conceived to hold data in several languages and interfaces can be translated. As a result, reports in a specific language do not have an impact on the global reporting process of your organisation.

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CRM project CRM tool
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