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How Can You Help Your Client to Keep On Smiling?

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This Saturday, October 5th is the World Smile Day. So today we’ll try to give you some insights to please your customers and keep them on smiling using a CRM. Indeed the first step of using CRM software is to have a 360-degree view of your customer in order to keep a record and store customer interactions. Thus everyone internally can know what the status is with this client and information is shared transparently. 

However, these are only the first steps and we’ll try to give you some tips on how to go further and interact in the best way with your clients with the aim of strengthening your customer relationships.

Keep in touch and increase client loyalty.

Successful customer experience is defined with structured communication tools and actions. Of course, this can mainly be done thanks to integration with the business but it can also be fun. Let’s see below what we mean. 

From a business point of view, a CRM system contains a large range of information about your customers and how they interact with your business – including past activities, conversations, and purchases. You can use the data from your CRM to keep your existing customers updated with company news, offers, sales campaigns... 

From a fun point of view, an excellent way to keep your customers smiling is to contact them on important life events. If you record information on your CRM in relation to their birthdays or any other life event which means something special to them, you can connect with them on these special occasions to show that you care. 

Showing you care about them can help you to increase your client loyalty. (You can always read our previous blog about client loyalty if you want to go in-depth).

Listen to your customers' needs and understand them.

Thanks to CRM software you can use marketing tools to segment your customers and address the right audience with the right message so you don’t send them impersonal information. For example, you can then send them invitations to events or webinar dedicated to the service or the product they use. Another marketing tool is to ask them what they think about your product in surveys. 

Firstly this segmentation will increase your number of answers and secondly your customers will also feel more keen to interact with you and give their inputs. 

Once again they will appreciate that you show you care and it will help you to put a smile on your client’s face.


Good support and quick answers.

We all have experienced bad customer supports where we need to get a call with a call-center and it takes hours to get to the right person and have a quick answer to our need. 

Thanks to a CRM you can decrease uncertainty from the support department as they will have a 360-degree view of your customers with their records and information about previous customer interactions. Thus they will be able to address them in the best way and understand better what the customer needs. 

Another good support is to ensure that no customer inquiry is lost and that you track their questions smoothly to give them a quick answer. For example, once a customer sends in a request, you can set up your system to automatically send an email to inform the customer you have received it. With a CRM you can set up ready-to-use templates so it also decreases the manual work that your support team needs to do and you win on both sides. 

Your client keeps on smiling because you answer him/her quickly and your support team is happy because it decreases manual and non-added values actions.

Personalize your customer relationship.

There is nothing worst for a customer than receiving unsolicited emails or content that are not relevant to him or her. This is the reason why you need to personalize your communication and try to grab their attention with nice and relevant content. 

You can easily do it by adding the customer's name to the email, by having an interesting subject line that grabs attention and by using personalized email templates that make it easy for customers to read your emails. 

It’s “easier said than done” to personalize your emails when you have thousands of clients, you’re right. But at least you can try to personalize some aspects of your relations that you have with them and what you think they are key with the business you want to do with them. 

Think about your customer’s pain points, or what they’d love to hear about and create email content that puts a smile on their faces.


Nowadays customers demand and expect a high level of attention and understanding of their needs. 
With CRM you can create a 360-degree view of your customer and:

  •  Increase customer loyalty
  •  Personalize your communication
  • Offer relevant content and service
  • Give them a good support and respond quickly to their requests

This will help you is to bring great customer experience and help your client to keep on smiling. Happy World Smile Day! 
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