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Gamification refers to the use of game-playing techniques in a non-playful context. How, then, can you “gamify” a business network? As we have seen previously, gamification can be a new motivational tool for sales teams (see article). Hmmm, but how to take advantage of gamification in a distribution network?

Watch out for cannibalization between distribution and communication channels

It can be hard to get all channels to work together, and to find the perfect mix and balance and among them all to fully benefit from what each of them has to offer.

The motivation of your distribution partners is a key element for your distribution network to be as efficient as possible. So, why not use gamification in this context? In addition to training and communication, you need to find incentives that will encourage them to reach their objectives.

First, you need to define these objectives (launch a new product, increase sales, develop new markets, reduce customer complaints, etc.). Then, you will need to come up with gamification strategies to match these objectives.

For example, many companies choose to reward the loyalty and commitment of their distribution partners through incentive programmes. These can take the form of marketing campaigns offering special promotions to their most-active partners. Measures like these are the perfect opportunity to build a personalized and closer business relationship.

Discover a new way of motivating your distribution partners

Motivation can move mountains. Most companies find it hard to engage and boost their distribution network. When challenges start piling up, results can fall short of expectations. Gamification, however, can help you remedy this easily!

Design a reward strategy

Rewards are a means to spotlight outstanding results. Rewards are central to gamification, both on an emotional and physiological level (you’ve heard of the dopamine effect, right?). Who wouldn’t be happy to be given a reward? Just imagine getting a trip to the Bahamas or a voucher for Christmas gifts! Imagine the emotional effect such an unforgettable experience could have on your customers and prospects.

Benefits: this can be directed to a great number of different profiles (Managers, Sales Reps, Head of Purchasing, Operators, etc.

Define a loyalty strategy

Why not opt for an earn-and burn strategy?/It’s all about the points! For each purchase, be it online or via any other distribution channel, a number of points is awarded which can then be redeemed for gifts.
Benefits: this can help increase commitment, to a near-addictive point.

Use an extranet or intranet

This will offer your distribution partners a dedicated space where they can view their points, objectives and progress, and compare themselves with other partners. You could also post quizzes to test their knowledge about your product(s), or individual challenges to get bonus points. In other words, leverage these gamification techniques to build indirect training for your partners.

Benefits: your partners won’t forget the objectives you set for them and will be motivated by a little healthy competition with other participants.

Monitor and track results

It is crucial to measure the success of your gamification strategy across the different channels in real time. Be sure to break down your metrics accordingly.

Benefits: you will be able to make informed decisions based on accurate and objective data.

Nurture your distribution network with gamification

Gamification can help you turn your distribution network into a recognized driver of your success on the market. By adopting a gamification strategy, you will be able to set yourself apart from the competition to enhance your sales performance.

On top of this, a gamification strategy will save you time and money (in terms of investment, operational or service costs).

Undeniably, gamification offers immense value and it is an essential tool for any company looking to boost their user experience while also promoting products or services.

For example, Belfius Bank uses our gamified app Peak Me Up to motivate, incentivize and train its employees. On the sales level, Belfius Bank recorded a 20% increase in productivity in only 4 months.

All these points highlight how making the most of gamification has become a novel and efficient vehicle to influence, motivate and train an entire community in a playful atmosphere, whatever the sector, whatever the distribution channel.

So, are you ready to play?

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How to make the most of your business network with gamification
How to make the most of your business network with gamification