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Omnichannel, new technologies, big data, chatbot… It’s all well and good, but where is the human? It is time to put it back in the heart of customer relationships. To promote actions aimed at humanising or rehumanizing brand/customer relations.

Bye bye mass communication

Generic messages are no longer a necessity. After years of mass communication, both impersonal and often inappropriate, there is now room for more humanity and more authenticity. The consumer of the 21st century wants to live unforgettable experiences. It needs to be recognized, considered unique and treated with respect.

Hello contextualization

Customize the messages, put the elements in context… Companies must now have better customer knowledge. They must, therefore, force themselves to better know their ecosystem and to better address each individual. In fact, 82% of the professionals questioned at the beginning of 2019 by MARKESS by exaegis believe that personalization and contextualization help to make the Customer Relationship more human, or even to rehumanize it.

Clear spot for inventiveness

To humanize Customer Relationships, there are many solutions. You just have to know which ones are best suited to your target and your message. Humanisation can be realized in many ways: by an exclusive promotion on the client’s birthday, a personalized appointment with a store advisor, a click-to-call button to remind the customer as soon as possible, or other levers. The essential: to be inventive and daring in order to improve the relationship with its customers by rehumanizing it.

Emotions, essential to humanize relationships

If we strive to say that the human is at the heart of the relationship, it is because this human is also able to feel and generate emotions. Joy, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, and disgust; here are the six basic emotions. Emotion has powerful virtues. Among other things, it helps to avoid boredom, it turns a grumpy customer into an ambassador, it facilitates exchanges, etc. And one thing is certain: no emotion no human.

As a conclusion, you will find below two inspiring quotes:

  • « It’s not your product that interests the customer, but you. He/she buys this product because he/she buys it from you», Emmanuelle Apchin, neuro-emotional coach.
  • « I learned that people quickly forget what you said, they quickly forget what you did, but they never forget what you made them feel», Maya Angelou, American poet.

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