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Manage your After Sales Service with efficy CRM

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With efficy CRM, a CRM that can manage your tickets and bring your lost customers back

An unhappy customer? A complaint because of a technical problem? Thanks to efficy CRM, you can use these situations to your advantage and improve your service according to the feedback of your customers.

Reliable follow-up

efficy CRM makes sure that any support request from your clients will be directly and automatically forwarded to the right department or person. In the same way, when an urgent request is sent, efficy CRM provides your assistance team with even more support by automating Q&As and reducing the waiting time for your customers. 

efficy CRM can boost your support team. The results? More efficient service and happier customers. If you want to know more about the different stages of after-sales service in efficy CRM, read our page dedicated to Customer Service.

Computer telephony integration

Do not lose any more time looking for customer files. Thanks to efficy CRM and its computer telephony integration, when your support team receives a call, they can directly see the information relating to the client: its language, invoices, contracts, etc. 



All the information appears before you have even picked up the phone. Your employees are working much faster, more efficiently and can take care of many more incoming calls.

Customer feedback

After each interaction with the support team, customers can give their feedback about the quality of service. For example, if the request wasn’t taken care of fast enough, your support team manager will know about it right away and will be able to adjust the tactics and take the necessary measures. 

Sales managers are also automatically updated on their respective customers’ negative feedback. 

They can directly launch relevant marketing actions to win back the customer’s trust. All in all, each negative feedback becomes an opportunity for your company to show that it is dedicated to its customers and to stand out from its competitors.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The Incident module of efficy CRM provides a KPI that measures the daily number of answers/solutions that have been given to your customers and their quality. 

You can also see the number of answers which did not make the customer satisfied enough. You can look up these key indicators by day, semester, year, etc. In this way, you can easily calculate the productivity of your support team.

Performance reports

Precise reports can be produced based on intervention history, questions, answers and evaluations after every support request. You can evaluate the performance of your team in real time and implement strategies to improve you support service.


The efficy Extranet allows your clients to interact directly with your company and its employees, in a modern and user-friendly way. 


Efficy CRM Helpdesk

Save time by letting your clients put in their own support request on the extranet interface. efficy CRM will update them on the status of their request. 

This means that your clients have a limited access to your database. 

Your employees will have to perform less administrative tasks, which leaves them time to focus on the research of adequate solutions to the requests of your clients. Of course, for the customers who are not used to a modern and digital approach, efficy CRM provides a more “traditional and conventional” approach. 

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