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Maximise your sales opportunities

Efficy CRM boosts your “Team Selling”. Your commercials share information and maximise your sales opportunities. Discover how.

It is no secret that sales reps want the impossible. And thanks to Efficy, they will get it! Efficy CRM encourages “Team Selling”.

Salespeople are no longer faced alone with the market. They can share information and coordinate actions with their team and other company services. Here is why:

1. Improve your business by automating tasks

With Efficy CRM, it is very easy to manage the overall sales process: leads turn into opportunities and automatically get to the right sales rep.

Whether your customer has appeared on your website or was transferred by your administrative assistant or your sales rep, the opportunity will be created and sent to the relevant sales rep.

You control the entire customer pipeline and do not allow yourself to lose even one opportunity. In other words, you are sure of what you are doing.


2. Boost and challenge your teams

How can you make your sales team match the performance goals you set? Use Efficy to improve their results! Thanks to Efficy’s commercial and gamified app Peak Me Up, you can set goals and challenges for your sales team.


3. Analyse the results of your commercial team

No sales without figures. Efficy reports can show you at any time the state of the sales pipeline, the name of your best salesperson, what numbers you can hope for in the next semester, etc.

Reports are fully adapted to your activity. In one click, you can modify reports to target a geographical zone, a salesperson, a team, a product… Thanks to this flexibility, your analytical CRM tool gives you access to the most valuable information in your database.

Efficy's app in tablet

4. Look up information in your database, no matter where you are

Your salespeople have online and offline access to your entire customers and products database, whether they are on the road, in the office or home.

A client or a prospect over the phone? In the blink of an eye, your sales team can find and manage all the activities and documents relating to the company in question.

“I will call you back later, I don’t have your file at hand” is a sentence they will be able to forget and replace with: “I am helping you right now”.

Or better yet: your sales rep can directly enter the new information they got from a phone call, without having to write it down first and go back to your office… Sell in real time!

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