Arjowiggins Creative Papers.

The business of the Arjowiggins group focuses on paper, recycling and the production of secure paper (bank notes) with a unit known as “Arjowiggins Creative Papers” that specialises in luxury paper products.

Luxury paper products are distinguished by their sense of refinement, conveyed by their texture, colour, and overall look. Arjowiggins Creative Papers is the leading manufacturer of luxury paper products.

A large number of luxury goods brands work with Arjowiggins paper products to produce their publications, designs, and packaging. Arjowiggins Creative Papers’ sales and marketing teams focus on a range of different routes to market:

  • The print industry
  • The luxury goods sector
  • Designers
  • A network of specialist resellers (Antalis)
  • "We have as a project a deployment of CRM with other departments of the company, which thanks to CRM will be able to have a more focused approach on the “Customer Service Attitude"

Targets of Arjowiggins

Arjowiggins Creative Papers has four main target groups, each of which has its own marketing and communications, product offerings, and sales promotions that need to be adapted to suit.

In effect, Arjowiggins Creative Papers can’t approach an international luxury brand in the same way as it would approach a reseller or a commercial printer. Similarly, a luxury brand requires a different approach to account and management, compared to a reseller.

In the first case, the relationship, project management, and a history of working together are essential to the approach, whereas the second is a more “traditional” buyer-seller transaction.

Why did you want to use a CRM?

In this context, it became vital to implement a CRM system to simplify communications by adding structure.

As Marketing Director of Arjowiggins Creative Papers, Christophe Balaresque wanted to implement a single, centralised database that would allow the business to reach its various target groups with a distinctive approach for each one.

The goal was to create distinct communications channels to convey the right message to the right person, at the right time, and in the right format.

Why did you choose efficy CRM?

Christophe Balaresque, Marketing Director of Arjowiggins Creative Papers, was a pioneer in the CRM field, having implemented a first CRM system in 1997. The business, therefore, had access to CRM experience, both from a technical and from a human perspective.

For Christophe Balaresque, communications were vitally important to the solution. “A CRM system has an important challenge to overcome – they must not be seen as a gatekeeper. Future users must be convinced that a system is a tool that will help them to become better organised and more productive.”

For Christophe Balaresque, efficy was the most effective solution for implementing a highly evolved, collaborative database.

One of efficy’s strengths was the fact that Companies and Contacts are entirely independent of one another while supporting links that can be created between them. This meant that the CRM system could reflect the complexity of the ecosystem that Arjowiggins Creative Papers inhabits.

The deal was sealed by the collaborative methodology between different users, with features such as document sharing.

What has the CRM system changed in your business?

For Christophe Balaresque, the biggest change is the control over the data, the ability to monitor the business, and the more structured approach to all marketing and sales activities. “With our CRM system, I mean it when I say that ‘I do what I say I will, and I tell people what I have done.’”

Two further aspects also speeded up the adoption of the application:

  • Responsive design that adapts to different devices (such as desktop PCs or tablets).
  • The migration to MS Outlook with MS Office 365, which means that data does not need to be reprocessed or re-entered.

“Efficy CRM optimises all the business’s daily activities: the twenty salespeople use efficy CRM on a daily basis as part of their sales tasks, and we now have the ability to monitor and follow up on our marketing projects,” stated Christophe Balaresque.

Finally, the Cloud offering meant that a CRM system could be implemented without drawing on the group’s internal IT resources, which was another major selling point. “The ability to be completely independent when implementing our CRM solution was a real plus point. By outsourcing the entire technical aspect of the CRM solution, we were able to reduce the complexity of the project and accelerate its deployment.

That said, we worked closely alongside our corporate IT department to deal with the technical parts of the project,” explained Christophe Balaresque.

Some practical examples of using CRM

Efficy CRM is used in:

  • Business management
  • Management of marketing projects and campaigns
  • Shared calendars
  • In an office environment and when travelling
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