Belfius Bank and Insurance

For more than three years, Belfius Bank has chosen Efficy CRM to maximise its activity in agencies and on the web.

Everyone establishes what products the customer has, their level of satisfaction, their habits, particularly concerning digital channels, their new behaviour, their customer relationship with the contact centre and the comments they have, what the products are or which services that would be of interest to them, how they want be contacted, etc. 

“This will make customer contact easier, having a Belfius marketer in front of them; this will create selling opportunities and improve the service”.

Since then, Efficy CRM has been deployed in all agencies.


Benoit Speybroeck - belfius
The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them.
Benoit Speybrouck
Director Digital Programs / Digital & Data

Some figures to show the extent that Efficy CRM
has had on Belfius Bank’s activity

  • picto
    branches of the bank use Efficy CRM
  • picto
  • picto
    users per day
  • picto
    million customers managed by the system
  • picto
    million appointments with customers each year

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2,500 customers and more than 170,000 users use Efficy Group’s solutions