Belfius Bank and Insurance

For over 7 years, Belfius Bank has used Efficy CRM to optimize its activity in its branches and on the web.

In a few figures: Efficy CRM allows Belfius to put its 800 agencies in contact, to manage 6 million customers and 184 million leads per semester.

7 years ago, Belfius Bank was looking for a collaborative solution that could effectively manage all of its customers and prospects, both individuals or businesses, and ensure prospecting and follow-up. Until then, many different tools were used at Belfius (Microsoft Office, Outlook, etc.) without anyone communicating and being synchronized.

Finally, Belfius chose Efficy CRM with the ultimate aim of having a 360 ° view of its customers and prospects.

Benoit Speybroeck - belfius
The new system will enable everyone who is in contact with a client to have a 360° view of them.
Benoit Speybrouck
Director Digital Programs / Digital & Data - Belfius Bank

The customer journey at the heart of the CRM strategy

Everyone establishes what products the customer has, their level of satisfaction, their habits, particularly concerning digital channels, their new behavior, their customer relationship with the contact center and the comments they have, what the products are or which services that would be of interest to them, how they want to be contacted, etc. 

“This will make customer contact easier, having a Belfius marketer in front of them; this will create selling opportunities and improve the service”. Since then, Efficy CRM has been deployed in all agencies.

Furthermore, Martin Bobeck, Senior Corporate Banker at Belfius, explains the benefits that Efficy’s extended CRM solution, or xRM, brings to Belfius by connecting to other tools to extract key information. In fact, “Efficy multichannel CRM tool used within Belfius Bank is the prime example of how customer data should be used intelligently and securely, while enabling strategic action plans towards our core clients”.

He adds, “handling all relevant client data via their fully integrated & linked multiplatform-channel with such ease of use, I have not seen so far during my +20 years of professional banking experience”.

He concludes that according to him Efficy is “without a doubt the reference CRM tool within this swiftly changing banking industry making ample use of sophisticated AI“.

Some figures to show the extent that Efficy CRM
has had on Belfius Bank’s activity

  • picto
    branches of the bank use Efficy CRM
  • picto
  • picto
    users per day
  • picto
    million customers managed by the system
  • picto
    million appointments with customers each year

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