Corsendonk brewery’s world-class reputation greatly enhanced by unique user-friendly CRM.

Beer and Belgium are synonymous throughout the world. No other country has among its native beers such diversity, individuality, idiosyncrasy and colour. Corsendonk is the perfect example of a brewery that offers such top-class beverages to the world’s beer connaisseurs.

“Our business is a people business” Keersmaekers said. efficy delivers structured sales team solution to ensure the amber beers keep flowing.

  • "The efficy CRM allows us to do credit collection in addition to improving the structure of the sales organisation."

The implementation of the CRM project.

“efficy duly impressed us by their know-how, their no-nonsense approach and the solution they offered for Corsendonk – which proved to be absolutely perfect. Perfect. We sensed from the start that this would be a win-win situation.”

“We were up and running within three months” Keersmaekers said.“ efficy respected the timing of the project – which was on a fast track – but they delivered. And they delivered a fine CRM solution.”

Today, the sales team at Corsendonk connects to erver where the efficy CRM is installed. “The transparency of efficy is truly phenomenal” Keersmaekers explained.

“Starting with the daily schedule of each sales person, there is a total overview of every person’s workload for the day, their reporting is standardized and the order intake follows a standard procedure that allows the organisation to keep track of the sales process throughout“.

Getting started with efficy CRM.

Stefan Keersmaekers: “I have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised by the functionalities of efficy CRM. The solution we were looking for has opened up new opportunities for Corsendonk.

The efficy CRM allows us to do credit collection in addition to improving the structure of the sales organisation. efficy is highly user-friendly and allows us to make changes to the CRM solution whenever we need it – without much outside help.”

efficy continues to be responsible for the maintenance of its CRM and delivers highly efficient after sales support, according to Corsendonk.

“efficy CRM is running so smoothly I hardly have to check up on it. Our products are continuously evolving, however, and so is efficy of course. We find it extremely easy to do, but whenever there is a need for outside help, efficy is on hand.”

“efficy receives an e-mail or a phone call from us and the problem is fixed within a day. efficy has proven to be very user-friendly and a great CRM tool for organisations such as ours” Keersmaekers said.

The operation of efficy CRM.

“The efficy CRM solution is installed on a server and synchronized with the AS/400 overnight. It is important to understand that the applicable CRM information – about one million lines per session – is analyzed whilst transferring from the AS/400 to the IBM server where efficy is stored.

A summary of the analysis is then fed into the CRM solution and made available to the sales force at Corsendonk. First of all, this allows Corsendonk’s management to retrieve detailed information for operational purposes, and secondly, at the same time the sales force has tailor-made information at their fingertips with which they can hit the road the next day.”

Corsendonk set out to streamline their sales department and ended up by adding credit collection to the professional CRM solution provided by efficy.

“We really got more than we bargained for. The future for Corsendonk lies in the successful continuation of brewing some of Belgium’s top beers for the millions of beer connoisseurs around the world” Keersmaekers said. “efficy CRM is now an essential part of our success story.”

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  • "With the emergence of Asian competition, we had to move from a reactive sales approach to a proactive sales approach (...) in this context, we decided to purchase a customer relationship management solution."

  • Christophe Peysson Trelleborg

    "We chose efficy CRM for its multilingual capabilities. Regardless of their area of operation in the world, our sales teams now have a single interface." 

  • "The fact that we have been able to parameterize in efficy the offers to be sent to our clients has speeded up the process. In addition, all this allows us to analyze many aspects and to make the appropriate follow-up of each project."


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