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This post was written by David Jiménez

Yes, you read it right and no, we’re not suffering from a heatstroke. If you want to get you brand known, you must throw the ROI doctrine overboard. Does that mean that you don’t need to measure your brand marketing campaigns? No, but measuring by ROI is the wrong approach. We’ll tell you why, give you some don’ts, do’s and one tool.

Brand marketing is about getting known

How many times you here: ‘but what’s the ROI?’. When you’re a marketeer, probably every time you present your brand marketing campaign. And probably your answer will probably every time be the same: ‘I can’t say’. Einstein already said: ‘not everything that matters can be counted’. Because brand marketing does matter. It’s about getting known, it’s about stepping into the market.

‘Best known always wins’

Entrepreneur Grant Cardone said: ‘not the best product, but the best-known product wins’. Just reflect on yourself as a consumer. Who do you trust your money with? The one that you know, or the one that maybe has a better offer, but you don’t know? So, stop asking yourself why nobody buys your excellent product, but get into the market. In the end, the money spent into your brand marketing campaign will be paid back by the people that finally know where to find you and buying your products.

Engage with people

Don’t be afraid. Come out of your comfort zone and get in contact with your potential customers.

Don’t count the likes on your post, but engage to the comments. Likes don’t mean conversion, let alone product buys. Learn from the responses and see where the opportunities are to engage them by offering the product they need.

Don’t count the attendees on your events, a part of them are only there for the food anyway. Get your sales people to engage with customers, prospects, partners and listen to what they think of your brand and product.

Don’t stare yourself blind on SEO. We’re not saying it’s not important, but Google and all other search engines change their algorithms more often than we change underwear. The time spent writing the ‘perfect’ SEO text for your website, you cannot spend listening to your audience. Instead, focus on re-targeting campaigns and make sure your write your content in order to what your customers need.

Be consistent in your brand marketing, use a CRM

With brand marketing it’s important to practice what you preach and to be consistent in your message and your service. We don’t mean the look and feel, but the company values that your campaigns embody on the different platforms, when you organise an event, or when the customer or prospect contacts your customer service. The best tool for this is without a doubt a CRM.

Centralize feedback

A CRM solution allows you to centralize all the feedback you receive through the different channels customers and prospects engage with your brand. Today, 35% of all customers use more than 4 communication channels to contact the customer service department (Study: Genesys, 2016). To manage all the feedback, a CRM offers you the solutions to your customer service employees with uniform answers thanks to a knowledge base.

Next to that, they have the history of the customer within reach, so the customer feels appreciated and recognized. When you connect your social media channels to your CRM, it can provide you with reports on the buzz of your brands.

Create loyal costumers

Once all the feedback has been centralized, you can move to the next step: create loyal customers. With all the information you gathered, you are now ready to exploit this information. It makes no sense to collect information and sit on it. There are numerous things you can do:

  • Personalized offers, only offer them products they are interested in.
  • Up and cross sell, introduce new/other products that they might like according to their purchase history.
  • Create a loyalty program and let them earn points, status and invites for exclusive events.
  • And much more…

And if you are doing what you promised, they will become ambassadors and will a part of your brand marketing strategy. And the best thing is, they are paying you for it!

Different departments, one company

A CRM doesn’t only help promoting your brand externally, but also internally. Throughout the different departments, every employee has access to the same information. Nobody has the excuse that they didn’t know the company values, KPI’s, or campaigns that are running. Giving everyone access to all the necessary information to do their job correct and efficient, only contributes to a better customer service and thus a better internal brand marketing.

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Now they know you, now they buy from you

Sometimes you have to be bold and look at things from a different angle. Not everything that is important is measurable, and not everything that is measurable is important. To sell your product, you have to be known. People buy from who they know. You can be convinced to have the best product, but if they don’t know you, they will never buy.

It’s about trust, creating loyalty and being consistent in your values you provide in your brand local marketing. The ROI of brand marketing is that people get to know you and thus will buy from you. The money spent on your marketing campaigns will be paid (back) by the ones who get to trust you with their sales, their money.

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