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Sales training programmes can be delivered in a variety of ways, from online lessons to face-to-face workshops held in your office or at a corporate event space.

Topics covered include cold calling, closing sales, the customer relationship and much more.

Each programme is designed not only to teach theoretical skills, but to build confidence and cohesion in your team, with interactive exercises.

Typically, 4 areas are covered:

  • Product sales
  • Sales automation
  • Sales methodology
  • Sales management

Sales training aims to increase your team’s knowledge of the product you are selling.

After all, how can you sell a product you don’t understand? These trainings focus on sales techniques, more on the product itself, and are especially important for sales reps who do product demonstrations, e.g. technology range, second or third need, telemarketing, etc.

Thanks to these trainings, your sales reps learn about how to use your product, what features are available, the return on investment, your product roadmap and much more.

Apart from teaching the practical, sales trainings also focus on showing every tool that helps your sales team to achieve their goals, such as a CRM.

What’s more, as this sales software becomes more optimal, training is essential, especially for sales reps and sales managers.

In fact, sales training is also intended for every sales manager and focuses on learning how to manage a sales team.

From leadership to sales strategy, these are some of the topics not only for managers, but also for any star salesperson who may lead your team in the future.

Every sales training comes with a good book

Sales is a simple word, but the profession and the job itself can be a range from A to Z where a completely different set of skills, knowledge, methods, processes and approach can be used.

In most cases, a good sales manager should do only 25% of the talking and let the customer use the other 75%.

Therefore, it is key that training goes hand in hand with very good sales how-to books: >> How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

It is not a sales book, but it is recommended that any salesperson should read it.

Influence by Robert Cialdini. Focuses on the psychology of buying/selling behaviour. Key Account Management by Peter Cheverton. Focuses on the art of closing deals and Brian Tracy’s early selling strategies. >>

Guide to Treasure Island by Tomás Santoro of SumaCRM.

It shows the different steps to take into account for any negotiation.

If you want to know more sales books, click here. In the end, sales training is about giving your sales team the tools they need to do their job.

From improving their soft skills to broadening their product knowledge, an effective sales program is tailored to the specific needs of your team.

From our side what we can recommend is our free sales courses, which teach you each negotiation process and what techniques you can implement, so you get more sales.

If you finish each course you will receive a special gift 🙂 You can do this whether you are an SME or a large company.


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