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Discover how you can achieve maximum efficiency when implementing your CRM solution

The CRM is a tool that can improve the efficiency of all the services in your business (Sales, Customer Service, Technical Support, Marketing, etc.) and simplify many processes.

The right tool at the right time

However, to make your CRM an immediate success that appeals to users, you must implement it where it will, in the short term, bring the maximum tangible results in the shortest time.

For example, if, instead of a centralized contact database, you are working with Excel files scattered across different departments, start out by setting up a single database which can be updated.

Action: Identify the services and functions in your business that will benefit the most from using a CRM system.

Have you involved operational staff in the project?

Often there is a distorted view between management and employees in the field.

Therefore, it is important to include experienced employees in the thought process to ensure the project is adapted. This will enable you to only make necessary information available to users without overloading them with too much data or irrelevant processes.

What is more, by involving operational personnel, the project will gain more validity and therefore more commitment on the employees’ part.

Action: If you haven’t already done so, include an employee working in the field in your project.

Which processes can be automated?

CRM does not have to include the current business process in full. It should streamline and automate the existing processes and actions.

For example:

-Sales forecasts on Excel

-Order confirmations

-Automatic emails campaigns for offers on accessories and options…

Action: List the main paper formats and manual actions which currently take time but could be automated and simplified.

What are the 5 reports and indicators you would like to achieve?

The goal is for you to prioritize what is really essential for your CRM project to succeed.

For example, your priority is to have your business portfolio signed off this month, sales distribution signed off by the Commercial department, 2, 3 and 6 month sales forecasts and the number of new prospects in the month.

These elements will be the key factors in choosing your CRM solution.

Action: Make a list of 5 reports and indicators that you absolutely need and that will fulfil the requirements you have for your CRM implementation.

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