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This post was written by Efficyers

When you have a CRM project, always ask the software editor which kind of licences they offer with their CRM. Here is a list of the 5 types of user licences you should ask for:

1 – CRM Named User:

The most common choice, this option gives a unique user (named in the license contract) full access to the CRM’s standard features. This user has access to the system.

2 – CRM Concurrent:

Multiple users can share a Concurrent license but are unable to connect at the same time to the CRM. When multiple users attempt a simultaneous connection, the latest user receives a message asking them to wait until another user has disconnected before being able to access the CRM.

3 – CRM Consult (read-only)

The user is only able to consult or read the CRM.

4 – CRM Nomad (disconnected mode)

Users without continuous internet access are able to have a partial or full copy of the database on their laptop. The database synchronizes automatically each time the computer connects to the server, for example through an internet connection.

5 – CRM Contact (mainly for extranet users)

It is possible, at any time, to extend the usage of the version chosen by your Company to additional users (that work with the system) through the purchase of new licenses.

CRM tool