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All companies that aspire to do business need to get leads first and manage them later.


Or at least, as many as possible.

That’s why all inbound marketing strategies, capable of attracting many potential leads to your business are so fashionable.

However, many companies stop there.

In the recruitment.

And that’s a very bad idea.

Look, it is estimated that approximately 79% of leads never become customers.

Lead management

And that’s with a view to implementing the right lead management strategies. Otherwise the figure is even lower.

Unless your goal is to convert at most 1 in 10 leads you get, you need to learn the best ways to manage your leads.

And that is what this article aims to show you.

What is lead management?

Getting a lead is just the first part of your sales funnel.

It is particularly clear in the customer’s journey.

At some point in their research, decision and purchase process, the potential customer contacts you.

However, there are still many steps that you have to take (and that we have to encourage) to ensure that you reach the end of the road: becoming a client.


customer journey

To facilitate this process there are 3 keys on which any lead management should be based:

  • The real interest in helping.
  • Timing.
  • Personalisation.

The real interest in helping

If you really want to take your lead management to the next level, you have to want to help them.

But really, not helping them to buy your products and services.

So if you are not a good choice for a lead, you should recommend someone from the competition who is.

If you want to pay for features or services that you will not get value for money, you should advise against it.

In short, you should have a real interest in helping them with their problems.

And believe me, this kind of empathy pays off in the end.

Timing in lead management

In the age of the Internet, timing is everything.

  • Amazon has accustomed us to the fact that we can have our order in 24 hours.
  • Netflix has allowed us to make a marathon of a series without waiting every chapter week after week.
  • Glovo makes sure that, if we need something, we have it now and without leaving home.

The list of services that have revolutionised timing is endless.

And it does not matter that these companies do not operate in our sector. We’ve all got used to it.

That is why timing is so important.

According to a study published in HBR, companies that communicated with a potential customer during the first hour of their interaction were 7 times more likely to rate it than those who did so in the following hour, and 60 times more likely than those who did so in 24 hours.

Lead management

And that’s because answering in 24 hours is already very quick for most companies.

According to the same study, 63% of companies are not able to do so.

The key to improvement in this area is technology.

Today, communications and people flow automation systems are more accessible than ever and are a great help in achieving the response times that people are looking for.

Now, they don’t work by themselves.

Nobody wants to receive a ready-made message.

This is where the next point comes in.

Personalisation in lead management

One more mantra that was repeated a few years ago was

“If you want to create a great company, you need your product to be a x10 that of your competition.

It is not that the mantra is no longer in force, it is that it has fallen short.

The reality today is that, to create a great company you need an incredible product and that, the experience of your customers feels 10 times better than the competition.

And the key to achieving this is personalisation.

Fortunately, just like technology to achieve better timing, technology to achieve absolutely personalised treatment has been democratised.

The CRM is a blatant case of this.

For personalization, human contact is fine, but you have to rely on technology.

The reason is simple, if I as a user can do something simply and without depending on a company employee, the friction is greatly reduced.

Timing and customization are powerful tools, and, along with a real interest in helping, the key to all this.

To help you with timing and customization, the best tool is a CRM

And the best of all is Efficy.

With over 4,500 customers in 33 countries, we are the most adaptable CRM on the market.

Do you want to try it?

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