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What Is a SaaS CRM and How Does It Work?

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To answer this question, we must first answer an earlier question:

What does SaaS mean?

SaaS stands for "Software as a Service", and is a mode of software distribution in which all the support and data you work with are on the servers of the company offering the service, and the customer accesses them via the Internet. 

Usually, for this type of service a monthly or annual subscription is paid instead of a single payment, which is much more common in traditional software.

Are SaaS CRMs a passing fad or are they here to stay?

The SaaS market in the world is still small, representing about 20% of software spending at the enterprise level. 

However, by 2019 this represents around 100 billion euros per year and maintains growth rates of around 30%. 

With these figures it might seem that the adoption of SaaS formats in the world of CRM is residual, but our industry is a pioneer in this mode of distribution. 

Thus, in 2018, 72.9% of spending on CRM tools worldwide was concentrated on SaaS, and the first numbers for 2019 show figures close to 75%. 




Why are we living in a SaaS CRM boom and what are the benefits?

The CRMs Saas have quite a few advantages, the most important being 5:

  1. Low-cost acquisition.
  2. Easy and remote access.
  3. Adaptability.
  4. Scalability.
  5. Maintenance.

Low cost acquisition.

One of the main advantages is that it is cheaper to adopt these systems. 

The vast majority of SaaS charge a monthly or annual subscription, as opposed to downloading and internal use software, which are almost always obliged to make a much larger one-off payment. 

This reduces entry barriers and allows more companies to adopt a CRM.

Remote and easy access.

As it is hosted on the servers of the company providing the service, you do not need to be in your office, not even on your computer, to access the tool. 

As long as you have the key and a device with internet access, you can enter and work from anywhere in the world.


Another advantage of these tools is that they are much more dynamic, allowing you to adapt and upload changes and improvements on the fly, without having to wait for the next version of the software to be released, as is the case with non-SaaS tools.


Regardless of the size and growth of your organisation, as the system is based on the cloud you can increase the size and users that use your tools or reduce them with just one click. 

This is a differential advantage for growing companies, companies in unstable circumstances or companies with a very large seasonal component that are fattening and thinning their staff season after season.




The last big advantage with a SaaS CRM is that your IT department in the first place and your whole organization can consequently forget about maintenance and technical problems with the tool. 

Since everything is based on the servers of the company providing the service, all these types of tasks are left to you.

Do you want to start using a SaaS CRM?

Aware of the advantages of one SaaS tool over another, at efficy we have adopted this approach from the outset with very good results. 

The best proof that the system works is that we have over 4,500 clients in more than 33 countries. 

You can start selling more and better today by using a SaaS CRM like ours. 

Shall we talk? 

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