Optimise your marketing campaigns

Managing your marketing campaigns directly from your CRM solution offers many advantages: optimal collaboration among the Sales, Marketing and Customer service teams; a better overview of contacts linked to a campaign; an ROI which is easy to calculate, etc.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions, all this is possible!

Different types of campaigns, one single database

What exactly is a marketing campaign? The notion of “marketing campaign” covers a range of different types of actions. Mass email campaigns; event coordination; satisfaction survey management; telemarketing campaigns; bulk SMS campaigns; direct mail campaigns, etc.: these marketing actions all target the same people, the same companies, your customers, your prospects, etc.

By being able to manage marketing campaigns directly from your CRM solution, you can ensure optimal information sharing and foster collaborative work within your company. The marketing teams can support the actions of your sales force.


A global and unified view of the campaigns

Thanks to the global view of the marketing campaigns, it is easy to manage the various marketing actions which comprise them.

This view enables you to estimate the resources needed for the successful completion of the campaign, and provide valuable information for the budget and follow-up actions.

When combined with the project management module, marketers can also keep their eye on scheduling All is provided for optimal marketing campaign analysis.

Easy calculation of ROI

Because every Euro invested in a marketing campaign should yield two more, your teams can set targets before launching a marketing campaign.

This objective is then compared to the effective outcome of the campaign.

The opportunities which are linked to the campaign are tagged so the ROI of the operations can be tracked. This will also give you the keys for optimising your marketing campaign budgeting from year to year.

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