Sales course for large companies

Most sales courses teach you general techniques for capturing leads, negotiating and closing deals. The problem is that they are designed for small sales and do not go into detail on how they do it themselves.

In this free course we will tell you the nitty-gritty and explain how we (and the best salespeople) do it to close deals of more than €20,000.

These are the lessons

The course has 13 lessons that go from the essential theoretical foundations, to the implementation of the whole process and the management of the teams in charge of carrying it out.

To give you an idea, here is an outline of the sales course for large companies:

1: Sales management: Differences between selling to SMEs and large companies.

2: Negotiation: Defining the sales process to large companies.

3: Traditional marketing: Attracting large accounts through outbound.

4. People-centred marketing: Attracting large accounts through inbound.

5. Customer prospecting: Qualification of key accounts.

6. Negotiation phase: The consultative selling process.

7. Negotiation techniques: Closing sales in key accounts.

8. Unifying: Aligning the marketing and sales team.

9. Unifying: Design a sales and marketing plan for large accounts.

10. Commercial teams: Organising the sales team.

11. Sales teams: Hiring good sales people.

12. Sales teams: Remunerate good salespeople.

13. The indispensable sales tool for these sales teams.

Bonus! Gift: If you make it to the end we have a gift for you.

What will you find inside the sales course?

There are 5 ways to build a 100 million dollar business. Or so thinks Christoph Janz, one of the world’s most renowned investors. In a mythical article he simplified in an incredible way how to set up a company with these figures:

  • With 1,000,000 customers spending €100 per year.
  • With 100,000 customers spending €1,000 per year.
  • With 10,000 customers spending €10,000 per year.
  • With 1,000 customers spending €100,000 per year.
  • With 100 customers spending €1,000,000 per year.

The problem with most sales courses (apart from not telling you the nitty gritty), is that they focus on the first 3 types of negotiation.

However, if your company wants to close €10,000+ deals with “elephants” and “whales” you need a totally different approach:

  • These companies have other priorities.
  • Their buying cycles are very different.
  • They respond to a different marketing and sales process.
  • You need to convince and involve more profiles in the process.

In short, selling to these customers is a different world.

A very profitable one.

We have the best experts in this sales course

We do not only rely on our experience. We are also accompanied by real experts:

CEO y cofundador de Miqo
Javier Iglesias
CEO and co-founder of Miqo
experta en ventas B2B
Leticia del Corral
B2B sales expert
formador y jefe de ventas
Santiago Torre
Trainer and sales manager

…and many more.

The 13 lessons are like 13 mini sales courses

Lesson 1: What are the differences between selling to large companies and SMEs?

There are obvious differences such as size, but there are more subtle differences that totally define the sales process you will need to execute to bring companies of this size to the table.

The most important ones are: The priorities of this type of companies or the value of the deals they close, and many more!

If you want to know all the details, sign up for this sales course now.

Lesson 2: Defining the process of selling to large companies.

The first thing to set up a system capable of bringing you recurring sales from large companies is to understand what their commercial process is like and how to go through it.

And that is precisely what we teach in this lesson. Many people think that this development is not so different from what companies of other sizes do and reuse their funnels and processes when they start working with large accounts. And that’s not the best way to attract these types of customers.

If you want to learn how to navigate this buying technique, join this sales course.

Lesson 3: How to manage the sales process for large companies.

Classic content strategies work very well in B2C or B2B markets aimed at small companies, but if we target large companies, conversion drops below 1%.

That’s why in this lesson we will see how to adapt this type of strategy to larger companies. And it’s also the best way to attract large accounts. If you want to see what this strategy is and how to apply it, sign up for the free course!

Lesson 4: How to attract large accounts with cold emails.

This lesson deals with one of the most challenged strategies in sales and marketing: Cold emails. It captures the interest of key people in large companies and has so many detractors for a very simple reason: almost everyone does it wrong. But when you do it right, you can get incredible results.

Learn how to create your own cold emails by joining this sales course now!

Lesson 5: How to qualify your leads

In this sales course for large companies we talk about the prelude to the sales process and how we ourselves filter the leads we get every month.

And we do it by gutting the framework we use to qualify these leads: the BANT.

This framework is used by many companies (some without even knowing it). In this lesson we look at the 4 keys to qualify your leads avoiding these 2 problems. Join now!

Lesson 6: Consultative selling is the best way to close sales with big companies.

In this lesson we explain:

1. Why consultative selling is a thousand times better than normal sales.
2. How are the sales people who apply this type of selling.
3. How you can do it.

If you think that the most important thing to sell is to listen, reading this lesson you are going to be surprised… Join the course now!

Lesson 7: How to close more sales with large companies.

According to a study carried out with buyers from B2B companies, 65% of salespeople are perceived as average or bad. And the main reason is that they feel pressured by them and their agenda to close purchases.

That’s why, with large companies, traditional sales closings don’t work. But in this lesson we talk about 2 key techniques that you can use.

Join the sales course to put them into action!

Lesson 8: Align marketing and sales departments.

Did you know that not having sales and marketing departments aligned costs companies 10 billion dollars a year?

To give you an idea, that money could buy 4.7 million 2021 Ferraris Portofino.

Almost nothing…. And in this lesson we tell you how to avoid it. Join the course now!

Lesson 9: How to articulate a sales and marketing plan to attract large companies.

In this lesson we articulate the step-by-step process of putting a sales and marketing plan in place to attract large accounts and get tips on how to do it from 6 sales experts.

Their words worth its weight in gold!

If you want to see for yourself, apply to the course now!

Lesson 10: How to organise sales people.

No sales plan can be implemented without sales people to execute it, so the question arises: How to organise sales people?

In this lesson we answer this question and more by uncovering how we do it ourselves.

For us it is one of the coolest lessons of the course, sign up!

Lesson 11: How to hire good sales people.

Turnover in sales positions is 28% per year. This means that 1 out of 4 sales people change jobs every year.

So, if sales is a priority for you, you are going to have to interview and hire a lot of sales people. And in this lesson we give you the keys to do it in the best possible way. Apply now to the sales course!

Lesson 12: How to remunerate your sales reps for large accounts.

To answer this question you must first answer many others: Should I have a fixed and a variable, should a senior and a junior have the same scheme, should variables have a floor, what about a ceiling?

We answer these questions and many more in this lesson. Join the course now!

Lesson 13: The indispensable sales tool for these sales teams.

This is the last lesson of the sales course!

In the lesson we discuss with data why you have to use a CRM, whatever it is!

Don’t miss it, because it’s well worth it.

Sign up for a free sales course for large companies today!

You can watch a preview of the first lesson here:

What are the differences between selling to large companies and SMEs?