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In today’s environment, your selling time is in short supply.

That is why Efficy’s data-centric model and protocol helps optimize this precious resource. It provides the foundation you need to automate manual tasks and manage your time more efficiently.

First advice for Selling More: Turn Emails into Actions

Managing the volumes of emails received each day can be overwhelming. You reply to what is important, ignore some messages, move others to selected folders, and probably delete the rest!

Efficy gives you a one-two punch opportunity: you can control your inbox AND turn your emails directly into actions!

As you open or create an email, it can be helpful to think of its true purpose: is the goal to set up an appointment, advance a project, or forward a document to other departments?

All you need to do is scroll down the Convert To menu on your Outlook menu bar and choose the relevant Document, Meeting, Task, Contact, Case or Opportunity option. Outlook will automatically convert your email and attachments in Efficy – including the links to relevant Efficy entities, such as contacts, projects, documents, cases or opportunities. This means that you won’t have to record this information manually in Efficy later.

What’s more, as you send an email, make it a habit of clicking the Send and Save button. This automatically converts your email into the relevant action – such as adding a meeting to your calendar, updating a task or document — saving you valuable time and effort.

Second advice for Sell More: Give New Life to Your Database

Your database is at the heart of your strategy. The contacts it holds are your most important assets. To keep sales climbing, Efficy can help you gain a deeper understanding of your contacts and their business challenges!

For example, consider testing an email campaign or newsletter. This will give you actionable data about your prospects’ areas of interest, preferences and needs.

Efficy gives you a dynamic view of your contacts: you can see if a prospect opened an email or newsletter, what items he clicked on, or if she has looked at more content on a particular topic… The result? Deeper insights into these individuals. As a result, you are more likely to predict their receptivity to a theme or offer, and you can turn future marketing campaigns into cross-selling opportunities.

third advice for Selling More: Make it Mobile

According to the Yankee Group, sales reps spend 74% of their time on non-revenue generating activities — and a whopping 32% just travelling or waiting!

To make the most of your valuable time on the road, why not use Efficy’s mobile functionalities for your day-to-day tasks. Use your smartphone or tablet to look up customer account histories, documents, contracts or inventory information on the fly.

You can also create actions, such as produce estimates, generate proposals, record and send orders instantly – without having to go back to the office!

This way, you can stay on top of more deals and paperwork in order to achieve your business goals more effectively.

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