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What Is Social CRM and What Can It Contribute to Your Sales Strategy?

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CRMs have gone from being an innovative and cost prohibitive product at the beginning of 2000 to a standard in the market that is used by all companies that take the management of their business seriously. 

The only reason why a tool can go from being something residual to the norm in just 20 years is because the digitisation of the economy and the world is forcing changes to happen ever faster. 

Upgrade or die. 

And within this trend, we find the term social CRM, of which it was already said in 2012 that we would see the term disappear and simply merge with the term CRM. 

As with the eCRM concept, social CRM is a concept that was born at the same time as the popularisation of social networks and has become such a market standard that all tools now incorporate this idea and, although they are Social CRM, they are simply called CRM.

What is social CRM?

Social CRM is a philosophy and way of looking at business in which, as well as putting the client at the centre of the organisation, the organisation is involved in communication with the client in all media, including, of course, social networks. 

It makes sense that customer management has developed in this direction in a world where people spend, on average, 2 hours and 16 minutes surfing social networks. 


Social CRM


Should your organisation adopt this philosophy?

Putting the customer at the centre of your organisation is simply the best option you have when setting up your business, because without income, there is no business, and without customers, there is no income. 

Starting from this point and taking into account that all your clients (like everyone else) are already on social networks, you should not even consider adopting this management philosophy. 

You should simply do it.

Advantages of social CRM.

There are 3 reasons why this approach is significantly superior to the traditional CRM approach

  • You get a better understanding of your customer.
  • You get a greater commitment from your client.
  • You get greater customer loyalty.

You get a better understanding of your customer.

The core of any CRM strategy is to know your customer as well as possible and centralise all this information in one place. 

In this way, all your company's staff can have access to it and have a 360º view, of all your customers and of each individual customer even if they have never spoken. 

Bearing this in mind, a social CRM strategy that expands the customer files with all the information available on social networks allows your business to have a slightly better knowledge of your customer and provide them with a better service.

You get a greater commitment from your client.

Thanks to a better knowledge of your client, conversations with him are more fluid and more personalised. 

At a time when the bad practices of spam and mass communications by advertisers are the norm, the personalised treatment generates a very good feeling in your clients, who connect more and better with your brand and your business.

You obtain a greater loyalty from your client.

After getting to know your client better and generating stronger connections with him there is only one possible outcome: 

Your client is more and more loyal, recommends you more often and would find it harder to leave with your competition. In short, every time, you make them more and better. 

And by building more and better loyalty, your sales improve and your income grows with them.

Do you want to start using a CRM that allows you to do so?

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