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Regardless of whether you’re replacing your current CRM or installing your first CRM, change management remains important.

The CRM will in fact change your work habits by bringing new working methods (e.g. going from a verbal to a written culture, not working on your own but as a member of a team,…)

There are nevertheless differences between starting a new CRM project and changing software.

When starting a first CRM project, needs should be prioritised and sudden large organisational changes should be avoided.

Similarly, it is essential to explain to collaborators the ins and outs of the project, and give rise to the positive changes that the project will bring (automation of actions, reporting, information sharing, etc.).

It has to be made clear that the CRM will become a daily assistance tool to improve efficiency.

During a CRM renewal, you need to work more closely on the evolution of the application: for example, list the 3 main drawbacks of your current CRM system. This will allow you to have a clear goal for your new system and give reasons for the change.

Nevertheless, even when renewing a CRM system, it shouldn’t be forgotten to guide the changes by ensuring good communication and training. Even if your collaborators already have a CRM system in place, the need for a change of habits has to be anticipated.

Action: CRM is a human as well as an IT project, do not overlook the importance of communication and training. If necessary, work in phases with a gradual roll-out of the new system.

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