Knowledge base

Boost information sharing among teams and provide proactive customer care with the Knowledge Base in efficy CRM. 

Provide answers — fast.

Create, edit, and publish informative articles in a structured and searchable home — the Knowledge Base.  

Cover any relevant company or product-related topic in any language. Employees and customers can turn to the Knowledge Base for quick solutions to their needs or to quench their curiosity.  

Boost employee collaboration and efficiency.

Leverage your knowledge library as your team’s “single source of truth.” Employees can quickly find answers themselves, freeing up time and increasing productivity.  

By organising your information and making it easily accessible internally, you’ll also ensure less confusion among teams and more consistent training. 


Save support agents’ time — increase customer satisfaction.

Customers expect to be offered a reliable guide to solve their problems — rather than having to talk to a support agent from the start. 

A well-maintained knowledge library has the power to create a delightful, cohesive customer experience, all while saving agents’ time. 

Let the Knowledge Base Assistant help.

Move more productively and empower customers to get the help they need — right when they need it — thanks to the Knowledge Base Assistant.

The Knowledge Base Assistant will automatically recommend articles that the user needs for any business question or problem, making everyone’s workday that much easier.


Measure the usefulness of your Knowledge Base.

Keep your Knowledge Base analytics in sight with efficy CRM to measure the usefulness of the information you provide and improve it over time.

Fuel your support and documentation efforts by letting customers leave comments on articles. 




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