Marketing features are integrated with the CRM for greater efficiency.

Your managers need tools to oversee their teams and their investments

Being able to see at a glance the data processed by the CRM solution is vital for managers and team leaders who need to track Key Performance Indicators.

The objective is to help you make the best choices in terms of management and business development.

The challenges of a CRM solution for management

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    Analysing, measuring and tracking business

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    Identifying growth levers
    for the companies

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    Producing reports and dashboards

Monitor tailor-made KPIs

Efficy empowers users by enabling them to generate their own Key Performance Indicators and analysis axes effortlessly. They can create all the charts they need quickly and easily: curves; bar charts; diagrams; reports; etc.

You may not have the time to customise your own KPIs, so our solutions also offer several ready-to-use, pre-defined dashboards.

BI at the service of data quality

Marketing managers can control the quality of the data entered into the CRM solution by building dedicated dashboards: for example, a company with no business sector, or a contact with no email address, etc.

These can be tracked closely so as to guarantee optimal quality throughout the database.

View and share indicators at any time

Access data anytime, anywhere, from any device. Whether on a desktop computer, or via a secured web access, the analyses are available from anywhere.

With Efficy’s CRM solutions you can easily publish sets of charts for your teams, partners, or customers.

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