Grow your ecommerce business by leveraging your data and automating your customer journey in efficy Marketing.

Create product recommendations and retargeting for your online store.

Grow your revenue by adding personalised product recommendations to your online store or marketing emails. Turn window shoppers into customers.

  • Product recommendations
  • Post-purchase emails 

Be smart about your ad spend.

Export first-party data from efficy Marketing to narrow down your audience and personalise your messages on paid advertising networks. Make sure to include the segments you really want to reach and make your brand relevant.  

  • Display Ad campaigns
  • Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Instagram Ad campaigns
  • Marketing automation for social media 

Stay on top of your event communication.

Free up time and treat your guests with timely emails and SMS before, during and after your events. 

In efficy Marketing, keep track of all invitations, confirmations and cancelled registrations in one place. 

Engage and convert your mobile audience.

For many brands, the app is at the heart of the digital experience.

Connect your first-party data from efficy Marketing with your app to gain a true understanding of how, when, and why your customers engage with you. Then, use the insights to provide a tailored brand experience from start to finish.



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